Advanced Bushcraft Day

This full day of activity is aimed at adults and young people aged 15 and over who have a foundation knowledge and ability in the essentials of bushcraft- who can light a fire and identify a handful of trees for example, and are looking at taking their skills further.

Recapping the four priorities of bushcraft, we’ll move straight on to developing your fire-lighting ability by extending your knowledge of tinders, kindling and accelerants – including the delicate skill of creating feather sticks, as well as all six methods of creating flame. From here, we’ll branch out and focus on creating fire by friction – with the opportunity to secure an elusive ember using the bow drill.

You will also have the opportunity to source your own bow drill set from the forest, which takes knowledge of the nature of the different woods available – but also allowing you to practice once you go home. You will also be provided with the bow saw blade, and encouraged to source and carve all the elements of a folding bucksaw – which if course you can take home to use in the future!

Lunch, drinks and snacks are included- this all features in the day- we will light the fire and cook, using some traditional methods and quintessential bushcraft recipes. Dress for the weather, sturdy footwear, waterproofs, hat and gloves are essential. You might like to bring a notebook and pen, as there’ll be too much to remember!

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