Dark Skies: Valentines Wander with Wonder

Book Dark Skies Events with Rewilding Adventure in 2021, exciting night time guided walks on the darkest nights of the year, in the amazing North York Moors; all of which coincide with the Dark Skies Festival.

We have six types of events planned, with 18 individual evenings:

  1. Wander with Wonder
  2. Valentines Wander with Wonder
  3. Darkness Dinners
  4. Night Navigation Walk
  5. Moonlight Meander
  6. Moonrise Viewing

Participants must bring:
– Suitable Walking Footwear
– Suitable warm and waterproof clothing
– Hat and gloves
– Personal medication (where appropriate)
– Head torch (cannot be a hand held torch)

– Bring some refreshments
– Flask of coffee
– A selection of snacks
– Blanket

Given the nature of the event, we are likely to remain static with lights off for periods of time; so dressing to keep the chill out is advisable. If you have a smart-phone, then an app such as Sky Map may also be useful.

We do live in the UK so there may be cloud! If there is heavy cloud we shall enjoy the darkness and have a night walk- listening for the nocturnal activity and enjoy the North York Moors National Park after dark!


Cost per person:



Select date and number of places required.