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“Feral”: [Adjective]: they seem wild and uncontrolled; in a wild state, especially after escape from domestication.

Our weekly Feral Club is back for the first half-term of 2021; it’s an opportunity for children aged 7 to 14 years, to find freedom in the fresh air, whilst taking part in bushcraft and Forest School activities, target sports and wide games. The Feral Club meets at 6pm until 8pm, either on a Tuesday or Wednesday at Baby Moon, Dunsdale, TS14 6RH.

The cost is £7.50 per session, with places booked on a half-termly basis.

Children need to come dressed for the weather, with sturdy footwear, a waterproof coat and hat & gloves as appropriate- as we approach Winter, the importance of ensuring they are warm, wearing several layers will become apparent. As we progress through the seasons, and with British Summer time coming to an end, we will be starting in the dark- so please ensure that the children have a good quality headtorch. 

Please see this link for all the booking details, including booking conditions, suggested clothing, directions and our Participant Information Form (please complete one of these for each participant).

Should your child not be able to attend due to COVID-19, we shall offer a discount on future events.

Please note: in the first instance, those who currently have children attending have the opportunity to re-book, and this is only for 4 weeks, due to the sessions missed/already booked which we had to postpone due to the second lock down.

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Tuesday: Weekly Feral Club: Half-term 2 (Post Lock Down)- 29th Dec. 2020 – 12th January 2021 (3 weeks), Wednesday: Weekly Feral Club: Half-term 2 (Post Lock Down)- 30th Dec. 2020 – 13th Jan. 2021 (3 weeks), Tuesday (Continuing Attenders) 2021 Half-term 1- 19th Jan. – 9th Feb. (4 weeks), Wednesday (Continuing Attenders) 2021 Half-term 1- 20th Jan. – 10th Feb. (4 weeks), Tuesday (New Attenders) 2021 half-term 1- 5th Jan. – 9th Feb. (6 Weeks), Wednesday (New Attenders) 2021 half-term 1- 6th Jan. – 10th Feb. (6 Weeks)