Fireology Day


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“-ology”. [Suffix]: the study of the special knowledge and skills needed in relation to a given subject; in this case, the archetypal bushcraft skill of creating flame!

Ideal for those new to bushcraft, as well as those who wish to refine the knowledge, or Forest School practitioners who wish to extend their familiarity with this eternal element. Led by practitioners who use flame day-in-and-day-out, through the seasons, for cooking, warmth and light- but also the spiritual and communal benefits it offers us.

Our social heritage of fire will be discussed, and we will explore the cultural uses of flame through the ages. Did you know there is six methods of securing flame? Well, by the end of this day you will be conversant in all of them- as well as fire lays, different tinder, accelerants, coal extenders and means of gathering or creating kindling- whatever the weather or season you find yourself in.

We will follow your interests and experience to provide you with a progression in your knowledge and skill; if time permits, we shall explore the use of mound fire and Dakota Fire Pits, and possibly even the process of priming a ground oven!

The day is aimed at adults; taking place at Baby Moon, Dunsdale, TS14 6RH. Come dressed for the weather of the season, the day will be entirely outside, but under the cover of one of our camps. The fire will be ablaze- indeed, we shall use this to experience the characteristics that the timbers of different trees offer us! The kettle will be kept topped up for refreshments throughout the day, and a hearty lunch cooked on the fire is included- so you will be free to concentrate on the craft.

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Saturday 13th Feb. 2021, Sunday 9th May 2021