Fundamental Bushcraft Day


This full day of activity is aimed at adults and young people aged 15 years and older, who want to solidify their bushcraft skills, knowledge and confidence. No previous experience is necessary, but if you do have some, we will certainly extend it.

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You’ll be introduced to the four priorities of bushcraft: fire, water, shelter and food. The day will be structured in order for each of these priorities to be explored. To achieve these priorities, you will be introduced to the use of sharp tools, making simple items out of the resources within the woodland- whatever you make, you can of course take home with you.

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Lunch, drinks and snacks are included, this all features in the day. We will light the fire and cook, using some traditional methods and quintessential bushcraft recipes.

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Dress for the weather, sturdy footwear, waterproofs, hat and gloves are essential- this will be a day entirely outside. If you have any tools you’re welcome to bring them- please let Rewilding staff know if you do so. You might also like to bring a notebook and pen, as there’s loads to learn and remember! For events between October and March, the last couple of hours will be in the darkness, so we advise that you bring a headtorch.



Sat. 29th April, Sat. 30th Sept.