Spoonology Day


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“-ology”. [Suffix]: the study of the special knowledge and skills needed in relation to a given subject; in this case, the  small implement consisting of a small and shallow oval or circular bowl with a handle, used for eating, serving or stirring.

There’s more than is first apparent in liberating a unique creation from a length of greenwood; indeed, the day will begin with an appreciation of the different wood one can carve a wooden spoon from- the wood grain, colours, toxicity and density: including tree recognition, and methods of sustainably coppicing the wood- as well as the need to carve greenwood, rather than its seasoned cousin.

We will look at different methods and tools to cleave and carve the wood, allowing you sufficient time to experiment, and create your unique and personalised spoons. The day will also include a look at how to maintain the tools of the craft, using whet stones, stropping blades and honing crook knives. All tool will be supplied, yet you are welcome to bring your own along, where we can discuss and experiment with them.

The day is aimed at adults. Come dressed for the weather of the season, the day will be entirely outside, but under the cover of one of our camps. The fire will be ablaze, the kettle will be kept topped up for refreshments throughout the day, and a hearty lunch cooked on the fire is included- so you will be free to concentrate on the craft.

Whatever you make on the day is naturally yours to keep!

All days will run from 10am until 4pm, at baby Moon Camp, Dunsdale, TS14 6RH.

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Sunday 21st Feb. 2021, Saturday 8th May 2021