About Rewilding Adventure

Started by Morgan, Rewilding Adventure has refined its philosophy and purpose through its values of genuineness, friendliness, respect and authentic experiences.

Anyone who represents Rewilding is both experienced in the activity, but also practiced in facilitating development and respecting the environment which we enjoy, not to mention passionate about being outside.

Outdoor Education, Outdoor Adventure or Outdoor Learning? Which sector do we sit in? A bit of each. We don’t do activities for the sake of them, we do them to get something to realise the benefit and personal qualities they instil in us as people.

In 2018, Rewilding has had its busiest year to date, and there’s lots of exciting opportunities on the horizon.

In 2019 we engaged in more development work with those seeking employment; engaging with more veterans and their families to recognise their sacrifices; meeting more families for adventures and preparing the future generation for a fulfilling life.

Whatever comes, we’ll always be smiling, having fun and enjoying adventures.


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Contact us for info.


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