Adventure activities provide a firm foundation for the qualities that businesses need: motivation; flexibility; resilience and imagination to name a few. You are also able to build stronger relationships and interact with each other away from your usual busy and stressful environments. 

“Taking time out to relax with the team and working together to solve problems [was one of the highlights] – trying out activities I had never tried before – [I] liked the atmosphere around the camp fire and the fact that we cooked our own food”

Maybe you’d like an hour of axe throwing or archery to punctuate your away day at Raithwaite Hall, or a morning of team challenges spend time away from work with your team. We also provide full away days, as well as overnight stays and multi-day programmes. 

“The whole day was great. Really good atmosphere and the team thoroughly enjoyed it

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Some of our existing programmes:

Team Challenge Day

This is one of our most popular Corporate Development Days- it basically involves your group dividing into smaller teams to complete a series of bushcraft themed challenges- with a competitive edge between the teams. All food is included- in fact it plays an integral part of the challenges your team will face! 

Team Development Day

This is more formal and structured approach to the day- where your staff will be divided into smaller teams and undertake a series of tasks, that require them to use a range of intra- and inter-personal qualities and skills, as well as providing the opportunity to unearth beliefs or attitudes that are pro or counterproductive to your business; structured reviews and discussion will be facilitated by leaders to ensure development according to your desired outcomes throughout the day.

From just £38 per person per day!
No minimum, maximum of 80 for development days.
You decide, either Raithwaite Estate, near Sandsend, or Baby Moon near Dunsdale. 

“The leaders were incredibly enthusiastic and engaged with us at all times. The day was well structured and so much fun…



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