Paddlesport is an amazing way to experience the waterways of the UK. If you’re here and keen to learn to paddle, then great!

It’s probably more cost effective for you to join a local club rather than paying us to introduce you to the sport. We recommend (and coach for…) Stockton and Thornaby Canoe Club. Just click the link and head over there!

Guided Trips and Expeditions
(British Canoeing)

Sheltered Water Trips

Sheltered water is what you’d experience on the River Esk at Ruswarp or the River Tees at Yarm. It’s gentle and slowing moving, and is perfect for a family trip. 

Typically, a river trip will take a full day, but we can provide half day sessions too. We can do a trip, where we start at one place, and have a journey to another; this does need us to set a ‘shuttle’ up, with vehicles at the end of the journey, so that we an recover those we’ve left at the start. 

Alternatively, we can start and finish at the same location by paddling upstream for a short while, before returning to the start. 

Example locations include:

  • River Tees at Preston Park or Yarm
  • River Ouse at Linton Lock
  • River Esk at Ruspwarp or Whitby Harbour
  • Ripon Canal, at (you guessed it…)- Ripon!

Dependent on the wind, we may also be able to access Scaling Dam, Codbeck Reservoir or Ellerton Lake.

The cost for one family/up to 6 people is £240, which includes use of all canoes, paddles, buoyancy aids and safety equipment. 

The trips are booked privately, so please contact us via email at, or by completing the Contact Form at the bottom of this page. 

Moderate Water (White Water) Trips

Moderate water is graded up to grade 2/3; some may refer to it as whitewater, where the flow is stronger, and the skill level needed is higher than sheltered water. 

If you have some experience of canoeing, and are looking to have someone accompany you to you lead you in the moderate water environment then we are happy to have one of our Canoe Leaders spend the day with you. 

If you are considering this, then we’d expect you to be able to paddle your boat, either solo or tandem, be able to self-rescue (swim to the bank…), and have the ability to ferry glide across a simple flow, as well as break in and out of eddies. 

Given the nature of these rivers, we are likely to set up a shuttle with you, leaving vehicles at the get out point, as well as some at the put in. But the logistics of this can all be incorporated into the day. The weather and water level is a key influence when paddling moderate water, so we will aim to paddle a certain stretch of the river, but may need to change if the conditions aren’t favourable- but we will include you in all the considerations we have. 

Example rivers may include:

  • River Tees, Cotherstone to Barnard Castle
  • River Swale, Grinton to Richmond, or Richmond to Catterick
  • River Eden, Armathwaite to Wetherall

Contact us on to discuss further.

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Personal Performance Awards (British Canoeing)

Start, Discover and Explore Award
Canoe Award
Touring Award
Open Water Touring Award
Multi Day Touring Award

Foundation Safety & Rescue Training (British Canoeing)

Paddlesport Instructor Award (British Canoeing)


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