Whether you’re a Rainbow, Guide, Scout or Youth Leader we have something adventurous for the young people to do!

Either a one-off axe throwing or bushcraft session, an on-going long-term weekly programme or an overnight wild camp, we can provide a bespoke package for you.

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‘Great session with 20 Guides. Very well organised and structured. Kept girls busy and entertained for 4 hours’

Guide Leader

This is an on-going weekly programme, where the young people attend; in effect it’s Forest School programme, where their interests are followed, but also their abilities, self-esteem and self-regulation can be developed. Arriving at 5.30 we will gather in the camp for a quick discussion before doing an activity. Over time the group will learn a whole array of methods of lighting the fire- and they will take ownership of lighting it each week. 

The John Muir Award is also something that we can use to provide structure to the programme, as well as engaging the young people to  engage in meaningful activities and have their efforts recognised! 

Arriving at 11.30 on the first day you’ll be shown to your accommodation in a yurt before starting the first of three activity sessions-  between 1pm and 4pm. Following this we’ll prepare the fire and cook an evening meal together, before an evening activity.  

On the second day we’ll cook a hearty breakfast together, and start the second activity session at 9am. Coming back to the camp to have our lunch, we’ll head back to the forest for the third activity session. We’ll aim to finish and ready to head home by 4pm.

Arriving by 6pm you’ll quickly drop your bags in your Yurt before heading straight to the camp where we’ll share a meal cooked on the fire. The remainder of the evening you can relax or settle into your accommodation.

Rising with the lark we’ll cook a hearty breakfast on the fire and then have a packed day of activities which could include a variety of methods of lighting the and safe tool use so we can process the fire wood- from this point on- the responsibility of safely lighting and maintaining the fire is over to you! The evening will consist of some free time, or we can have a social around the fire- with some storytelling, singing or some music- so if you’ve got a guitar then please bring it!

Another hearty breakfast will set us up for a busy morning of activities, once we’ve packed and vacated the Yurts we’ll spend the morning doing either something different, or something that you’ve enjoyed the most! Our final meal around the camp will allow us to review and celebrate what we’ve done


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