Course Details: Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders

‘Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders provides learners with the knowledge and skills required to support individuals in Forest School programmes and outdoor learning … [enabling you] to gain the skills and knowledge required to plan and lead Forest School programmes’

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The Awarding Body

Information About Our Courses

The awarding body explain that the ‘Level 3 Certificate for Forest School Leaders is a regulated qualification that will enable you to learn how to become a Forest School Leader, how to develop and practice the skills required for employment or career progression within Forest School education’.

You can access the portfolio via this OneDrive folder. You will also receive an email on the first day of your course with this link

Please download the portfolio, saving it to your own files, rather than editing the shared version. We advise that you use an online platform, such as a OneDrive, Google Drive or Drop Box- so that you do not lose your work.

On the first day of your course you will receive one printed unit of the Portfolio, this is for you to use and become familiar with; there is also a pdf version of the portfolio available here which may wish to access to view the Outcomes an Assessment criteria. 

As this is a regulated qualification we have procedures in place that govern how we manage this programme. You can view them here, these will also be in the email you receive on the first day of your course.

These have been ratified by the awarding body, and your course tutor will make you aware of these, and if needed refer to them if the need arises.

The procedures include:

  • Reasonable Adjustment
  • Special Considerations
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Appeals
  • Complaints
  • Malpractice and Maladministration
  • Confirming Identity of Learners
  • Contingency Planning 

You are asked to submit your portfolio as an electronic document. As it is likely to contain a substantial amount of evidence it will be large, and therefore unlikely to be suitable to be emailed. 

We ask that you submit your portfolio as a Microsoft Word document, so that your assessor and Internal Quality Assurer can comment on it. And as such, it is likely that you will need to submit it via an online platform, such as OneDrive, Google Drive or Drop Box. 

Speak to your tutor if you are unsure about how to do this. 

The portfolio submission date will be shared with you on the first day of your course, as well as being available below- in the course dates section. 

You have access to the Facebook group where you can support your peers, as well as benefit from their support, ideas and comments. Feel free to ask questions in the group! If you haven’t already, you can request to join via this link.

Throughout the programme you can contact your tutor/assessor for support. Your tutor will share their contact details with you. 

There is also a series of monthly webinars, where theories, units and progress will be discussed. The dates and times of these will be shared via the Facebook group. 

Courses and dates

Delivery Schedule: Week Blocks

Training Dates: Mon. 12th July-Fri. 16th July 2021 (5 days)

Development Dates: Tues. 16th Nov.-Thurs. 18th Nov. 2021 (3 days) and Wed. 24th Nov. – Thurs. 25th Nov. 2021 (2 days)

Portfolio Submission Dates: Sun. 27th February

Delivery Schedule: Weekly Days (Thursdays)

Training Dates: Thurs. 9th Sept.; Thurs. 16th Sept.; Thurs. 23rd Sept.; Thurs. 30th Sept. and Thurs. 7th Oct 2021

Development Dates: Thurs. 4th Nov.; Thurs. 11th Nov.; Thurs. 2nd Dec.; Thurs. 9th Dec. and Thurs. 16th Dec

Portfolio Submission Dates: Sun. 20th March

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Delivery Schedule: Modular

Training Dates: Tues. 12th- Thurs. 14th Oct. 2021 (3 days) and Wed. 20th- Thurs. 21st Oct. 2021 (2 days)

Development Dates: Tues. 1st March-Thurs. 3rd March 2022 (3 days) and Tues. 8th March-Wed. 9th March (2 days)

Portfolio Submission Dates: Sun. 15th May 2022

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Delivery Schedule: Weekly Days

Training Dates: Thurs. 10th March; Thurs. 17th March, Thurs. 24th March; Thurs. 31st March and Thurs. 7th April 2022

Development Dates: Thurs. 28th April; Thurs. 5th May; Thurs. 12th May; Thurs. 19th May and Thurs. 26th May 2022

Portfolio Submission Dates: Sun. 24th July 2022

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Delivery Schedule: coming soon!

Training Dates: 

Development Dates

Portfolio Submission Dates: 

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