Frequently Asked Questions

Old clothing that you don’t mind getting mucky and scuffed is advisable. The following is recommended:

  • Spare jumper/fleece
  • Hat and gloves (especially during colder weather)
  • Sturdy Footwear (wellies or walking boots)
  • Waterproof coat
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Spare clothing (sometimes people fall/jump into the river…)

Clothing should be suitable for the weather/temperature, and you should be prepared to get it dirty; ideally long sleeved, must be long legged. Clothing which is cotton/wool based is more resistant to sparks from the fire than man-made fibres; clothing which dries quickly is recommended, avoid jeans.

In colder weather several layers of clothing are better than one thick layer, as well as allowing you to add or remove layers as you warm up or cool down. 

Sturdy footwear is best for the forest and for the majority of the activities we do. By this we mean something that has a good sole so that you do not get sore feet from uneven ground, has good grip and some ankle protection. 

Wellies can be worn when doing Forest School or bushcraft activities, in colder weather feet can get cold though- so two pairs of warm socks in large wellies are the best approach. Tight wellies squeeze the blood out of the foot and they get cold anyway!

Trainers are OK during warmer weather when in the forest, but don’t offer enough grip in the wet or enough ankle support when walking/expeditioning. 

All specialist activity equipment is provided. Upon booking, if there is a need to bring equipment you will be sent a relevant equipment list.

Quite often people wish to bring their own equipment to use. If this is a sheath knife you wish to use during a bushcraft session or a tool during greenwood working you are more than welcome to bring it- however please notify Rewilding staff before using it and its use must be in line with the usual safeguards in place if the tool was supplied by Rewilding. 

Unfortunately you cannot bring your own rifle for shooting sessions as these have to be tested to ensure they are within legal capacity. 

Activities take place at different locations; upon booking the exact location of the activities, including a postcode where possible, will be sent to you. 

Rewilding Adventure does many activities in the woodland at Baby Moon – a boutique camping site between Guisborough and Redcar. The site address is:

To book please email and include the activity you’d like to take part in,  the date and the number of places you’d like.

You’ll then receive a booking email with all the details on., including: confirmation of activity, location details, suggested clothing/footwear, equipment list (if applicable) and payment details. 

All prices for Open activities are either available on the website and/or Facebook. These are activities that anyone can book onto. 

Where possible we will offer discounts for block bookings or when booking several people onto the same activity. 

For those inquiring about group activities a price will be provided according to your requirements. All quotations are valid for three months.  

All activities are insured; underpinning this is a risk assessment for each activity undertaken. 

Insurance certificate and risk assessments can be provided if you’re booking on behalf of a group in order for you to complete trip paperwork. 

All staff working on behalf of Rewilding have a current DBS in place. These can be sent to those making group bookings in order for relevant trip paperwork to be completed. 

There is a Safeguarding policy in place that all staff are familiar with and will uphold throughout all activities. 

Please ensure that all personal medication is brought to the activity and that Rewilding staff are made aware of any medical or health issues that may be relevant. This is required on the Participant Information Form but can also be done discreetly at the start of any activities. 

For catered courses we will always endeavor to meet your dietary requirements, whether this is vegetarian, vegan or religious requirements. 

If you have any allergies or intolerances please let Rewilding know upon booking- we will always seek to cater for these. 

We are unable to offer a cook to order service and often cook for large numbers of people on the fire; in this event it may be impracticable to cater for a wide variety of preferences. 

Wherever possible we will work with you in order to provide access to all activities. Please note, that by the nature of many of the activities we do, access can be a challenge – it is in woodland or on the hills – with uneven surfaces and hills. 

Wheelchair users have accessed the camp location at Baby Moon previously – please discuss any access issues with us prior to booking. 


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