The Forest School Association‘s (2019) definition of Forest School is:

‘[…] an inspirational process, that offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees’ 

Forest School is not a place- it’s not the title of an education
establishment and it isn’t a set curriculum; rather it’s an approach to outdoor learning with its own principles and a specific philosophy.

Forest School activity walking across a balance beam

We don’t take Forest School lightly! If it’s not following the Forest School approach, we aren’t calling it Forest School!

Our qualified practitioners will carefully consider the participants, providing an experience that suits your needs; given the participant-led nature of Forest School, we can’t prescribe what will be included, we will listen to, support and follow the interests of those attending.


Here’s a few examples of the programmes we can offer:  
  • Home Educators’ On-going Forest School (year round weekly sessions at our Dunsdale site)
  • Occupational Therapy Forest School
  • Primary Forest School programmes (at your site or ours)
  • Youth Group Summer Forest School
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Rewilding Adventure is based in Guisborough; but the site for many of the activities is Baby Moon Boutique Camping site, in Dunsdale. Upon booking the full address will be provided.

To book any event then simply provide Rewilding Adventure with your name and email address, let us know what event you’d like to come to and how many places. You’ll then receive an email with the stuff you need to know!

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We work closely with Baby Moon, if you’re looking for a boutique camping experience and want to stay in the luxurious yurts available, then check out the website.