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Please note: Rewilding Adventure has an excellennt safety record. Yet, the concept of ‘Adventure’, by definition includes an element of risk; indeed, there is risk involved in the outdoor adventure, Forest School and bushcraft activities undertaken by Rewilding Adventure. Every reasonable effort has been made to reduce, avoid or remove risks. 

COVID-19 Declaration and Statement

By participating, you are acknowledging that you do not currently, and have not in the last 14 days, had any symptoms of COVID-19. Neither have you been in the presence of any person with suspected symptoms. If you develop symptoms in the next 14 days, please inform Rewilding Adventure and we shall share with others who have attended so they can self-isolate. You recognise your part in ensuring social distance is maintained, and the steps being taken to prevent the spread of the virus- and you will ensure you/the children are aware of the importance of this. There may be a slower pace as we deal with the measures, but we will do everything we can to make this a slick process. Hand hygiene is of huge importance, and we will ask you to frequently sanitise your hands if you are using tools or equipment. Toileting is to be done in the one specified cubicle, as others are specifically or individual accommodations; we are only allowed one person in the toilet at any one time. Please avoid the yurts and tents in the field, and please can parents remain by their own cars when we return- to avoid a gathering of people.

Please watch this video for some guidacne on how we can take steps to prevent the spread of the virus

1. Booking and Consent Forms:

Firstly, the boring legal stuff!

Click the link to the right to view the Booking Conditions; by making a booking you are acknowledge you have read these and accept them. 

Secondly, here’s the link to the Participant Information Form; please complete one of these for each person attending. Moving to paperless forms is one of our COVID-19 safeguarding measures.  

2. Suggested Clothing and Equipment Lists


Suggested  Clothing (for day-long Activities):


  • Waterproof coat and trousers
  • Fleece/Warm Layer (two or three in cold weather)
  • Hat, Gloves and Scarf
  • Sturdy Footwear (walking boots or wellies)
  • Long hair tied back
  • Natural clothing materials are better around the fire than man-made ones


Equipment List (Overnight Yurt Camp):


3. Activity Location and Direction


Address of activities (Baby Moon): 


Baby Moon Boutique Camping,

Redcar Road, 



TS14 6RH. 

MEETING POINT: to ensure we maintain social distance around the entrance of Baby Moon, we shall meet in the garden area to the left of the car park.


Directions Video (Arriving from Guisborough): 



Directions Video (Arriving from Redcar)


4. Risk Assessments

If you’re planning an activity for a group and need to confirm risk assessments, then here’s the ones for common activities. If your activity package includes other activities then we can forward the relevant risk assessments for you. 

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