Cooking Lunch in the Garden: Avoiding Corona Boredom

It’s a nice day. We’ve been confined to the house for six days. They have been doing school work, I’ve been trying to work- there’s been some squabbles- but we need to stay in- but going out and letting off steam would be so beneficial. It’s difficult finding the balance between self-isolating/social distancing and engaging two children, but the importance of stopping the spread of this virus is so important!

This is a simple idea that you can do to spend time outside, doing something productive and maintaining positive mental well-being- and is the latest suggestion of ways to avoid the boredom associated with staying in foisted upon us by the presence of corona virus.

It’s approaching lunchtime, and rather than chucking a sandwich at them- I think we should make an event of it. Emma watched a Jamie Oliver programme the other day where he made fresh pasta and wanted to give it a go. We checked the recipe out- all you need is plain flour and 2 eggs, a mixing bowl, spoon and rolling pin! Making the pasta is a different story- but within 20 minutes we had loads!

I grabbed a Trangia stove I use for expeditions, the girls have set this up before and like to figure out how to do it. It really doesn’t matter what stove you have- just grab it and use it! It could be an old army hexamene folding stove with a mess tin, a camping stove from Go Outdoors or a Jet Boil! Likewise, it doesn’t matter what you cook! Just do it! It could also be breakfast! Or, with the weather forecast to get chillier- it could be hot chocolate later this week!

I’m not going to talk through step-by-step how to do this- just sharing the idea that it’s a way of breaking the monotony we are facing! There is a short video of our experience- take a look if you wish!

Keep an eye out for more ideas of things you can do int the back garden! Stay safe, Morgan

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