Private Bookings


We use this page to share bespoke activities with guests, so that they can book an activity other than our planned and open events. You may have received this link as you have chosen a unique experience: just find which event is your by the date, time and activity details- then you can book online!

To book, please:

  1. Book the event with your initials, time and date of your chosen event above by clicking the ‘BOOK NOW’ button, and,
  2. Complete one of our Participant Information Forms via this link for each person comingĀ  (if this is a group booking then a QR code will be available upon arrival to do this)
  3. Please see this link for all the booking details, including booking conditions, suggested clothing, directions etc. (by booking you are accepting the booking conditions).
Private Event

CP- Bushcraft Birthday- 9.30am-12.30pm- Sat. 25th Nov., SJ- Bespoke Birthday- 1pm-4pm- Sat. 2nd Dec.